Hello and welcome to our farm website!

We’ve spent most of our winter break revamping and updating our site so that it would translate to our visitors the vision we have for this year at Ohmygato farm. We’ve grown up a lot and we feel that the New Year is a good time to emerge from the lessons of the past and to reflect on and display our transformation with a whole new look and feel.

Nearly four years ago Anthony and I set off on a journey from California to Oregon in order to start a small farm and to craft a meaningful and self supporting life for ourselves and for our families. Oh, by the way we also wanted to be able to make our living from our new place as well. Needless to say, our romantic notions of farming the land and feeding ourselves quickly turned into building fences, animal husbandry, mixed with construction work and oh so much more. I’ll admit that we’ve reinvented the wheel over and over again only to end up exhausted and with little to show for our efforts. We took days off that we shouldn’t have and did our share of arguing over mixed priorities as we adapted to the hard life that we willingly entered into. We had plenty of moments when we weren’t choosing.

The learning curve is steep and continues to challenge us daily, but we choose this kind of life over any other. We love our little farm. It’s real and it’s all about hope, healing and transformation. Did I say it’s also about change. Yes, because life on any farm is about navigating the relationship between the domestic and the wild. Between chaos and order...there is only a flimsy border, perhaps an imagined border, between these “polarities”. Being here, on this farm, is about achieving balance as it is mediated through our relationship to nature. More importantly it’s about gathering people together around one very common thread, food.

Good Food, as it is cultivated, harvested and prepared is the perfect metaphor for hope, healing and transformation. When a community is well fed, the people can thrive and give back. This is our goal for ourselves and for our community.

It’s why we’re here.

Happy 2011 to all of you. We wish you the very best life. Thank you for visiting us here.


Ohmygato Farm